Book review: The Circle

I saw the preview for The Circle (the movie) and decided to try the book by Dave Eggars first. Before I dive into a review, let me tell you that I originally decided to NOT write book reviews for books I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to read. Why waste my time and yours? After reading The Circle, I had to amend my decision to write a review about books that I didn’t recommend if there was a reason to do so.

I did not like The Circle. The writing is amateurish and the main character is beyond annoying and unlike-able. Story telling and character development by digression or tangent is probably an efficient way for a lazy writer to include a bunch of details and back story but really just made me want to throw the book away.

The Circle is clearly intended to be a warning about a future where our privacy is non-existent and reality in a world with no privacy is not a pretty thing (according to Eggars). Although I didn’t like the book and I can’t recommend that people give up hours of their precious life to read it, the story was one of the final straws for the camel’s back of deleting my Facebook account.  I was already heading in that direction but the over-the-top representation of it in The Circle made Facebook seem even less appealing to me.  I think I will survive without it. God help everyone else who stays. (Get out while you can….)



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